Adopt a pony!

You can become a sponsor to one of our rescued ponies to help to take care of it and same time learn about the rescued ponies and their life at the Hill View Farm. If you are from the area, you are welcome to visit your adopted pony at any time to get hands on experience in handling a pony and perhaps even participate in the annual Hill View Farm Pony Club – pony handling shows with your adopted pony.  This is a great opportunity for schools to engage in outdoor education activities and same time support the animal welfare work in the Nilgiris. 

To adopt a pony, please email us your name and contact details to Ilona and arrange for a monthly donation of Rs. 1000 to India Project for Animals and Nature. You will receive a printed photo of your chosen adopted pony.


Orphan ponies


Ariel was found as lost and orphan pony foal in Ooty in 2016 by a young boy who thought he could keep her like a dog. She is now grown into a nice little pony that is getting trained in riding for small children. Photo is from year 2017 when she was a yearling.


Nigel and Emma went to rescue Wonder one early December morning in 2015 after having received a phone call about a lost baby pony roaming on the roadside, far from any place with other horses. He was exhausted and his hooves were bleeding from the long journey he had gone, looking for his mother. 


The first orphan foal at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge is Polo - born in 2009 to a Marwari mare in Ooty town. This mare, had been treated for plastic impaction colic at the Hill View Farm just some months before Polo was born and unlike many horses who suffer from plastic impaction, she survived and gave birth to this male foal. However, the mother rejected the foal and did not allow him to suckle milk. Owners of the mother horse soon found it too much work to keep milking the mother and bottle-feeding the baby, so they brought a 5 days old foal to the Hill View Farm. Emma Otter was only 4 years that time and so these two have grown up together and are now great buddies who enjoy bareback riding.


In June 2018 Nigel got a call about a pony that is unable to get up and lying down on roadside in Ooty town with a little foal running around in panic. Ilona went to see and found a pony mare that would not get up even after pain medications, IV-fluids and several men trying to assist her to stand up. Her hind legs just would not carry her.  Since the little foal would not survive without milk and the mother was not able to stand up, we had to make the hard decision to put the mother to sleep and bring the little foal to the Hill View Farm. Marvel is getting his initial handling training by two active Silver Shoe Pony Club members who often spend entire weekends on the farm. Cypis-talli in Finland sponsors the care of Marvel.


In 2013 Aladdin's mother suffered a very difficult labor when giving birth to Aladdin, mostly because she was also suffering from serious plastic impaction colic at the same time. She died of intestinal rupture and prolapse of uterus the day after the little male foal was born. Aladdin was taken to the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge and was bottle - and later bucket-fed like we do with our orphan ponies. The milk we use for orphan foals is initially human baby milk replacer and then later on regular cows milk. Aladdin is Saara's favorite pony and she loves him a lot.

Retired cart ponies 


Annie came from Maharasthra in February 2019. She is a retired cart pony and was pregnant on her arrival. Summer was born on the 1st March 2019, just 2 weeks after Annie arrived to the Hill View Farm. Annie is gentle to handle.


Jackie used to pull carts until his owners decided to change into motorised vehicles for their transport needs. They had really looked after Jackie well, she was in good condition when she came - just needing for a new home. Jackie will be a great pony for small children to handle.


Rona is Annie's buddy, retired cart pony from Maharsthra and also pregnant on her arrival. She is more reserved about people than Annie but relaxes with gentle handling.



coming soon


coming soon


Maggie came along with Annie, Rona and Jackie. She is much older than the others and has clearly had very hard life with very little positive human contact. She is protective of the resources; fodder and water, indicating that she did not always get them enough or without a fight in her previous life. We will need a lot of time to get Maggie to trust people again and be relaxed when handled.

Ex-circus ponies


Rain came to the Hill View Farm in 2015 from a circus in Kerala. She was pregnant on arrival and in 2016 little baby boy Wind was born. Rain is a very gentle pony that spends all her days grazing with the herd.


Jasmine used to work as a circus pony in Kerala. She was confiscated from the circus and first taken to another animal shelter but finally found a permanent home at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge. Jasmine was pregnant on arrival and little female foal Ro was born in 2016. Unfortunately Ro had a congenital defect in her mouth which made her unable to suckle and swallow well. After Ro died, Jasmine adopted Genie, Belle's foal and looked after him as her own baby. 


Belle's story is same as Rain's and Jasmine's. She also was pregnant and gave birth to a male foal that we named as Genie. However, Belle was not the best mother and did not bond with Genie. Luckily Genie found soon Jasmine, who had lost her foal and took her as his adopted mother. 

Young ones


Olaf came to the farm in 2015 as a young foal with his very old and sick mother (Elsa) who was retired cart horse that used to pull heavy loads of iron rods in Maharasthra. Unfortunately he lost his mother after a year but has grown to be a lovely pony.


Daybreak came together with Olaf as a young pony but without mother. He spends his days grazing with the ex-circus ponies and ex-cart ponies. He is a friendly pony for children to handle. 


Summer is Annie's foal. Born on the 1st March 2019 at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge.

Many of our horses, ponies and donkeys have come from Maharsthra state and have been initially rescued by an organisation Animal Rahat. Animal Rahat focuses in providing free veterinary care for working bullocks in the Sangli sugar-mill area in Maharasthra. At times they have come across animals that require a permanent sanctuary to live in and because of our long connection with Animal Rahat, the animals have got a home at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge. We are very thankful for all the financial support we are receiving from Animal Rahat over the years to help to maintain the animal refuge and to take care of all these animals.