Five Freedom's of Animal Welfare

We recognise the Five Freedoms as the guidance for assessing animal welfare. At the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge this means specifically that we provide:

Freedom from hunger and thirst

Our animals are fed with diet meant for the species. Dogs and cats are given non-veg food and grazing animals are given ample amounts of good hay, alfalfa grown on the farm and grain-based concentrates as needed. For horses, ponies and donkeys, hay is the main ingredient in their diet and for most of the year we need to buy most of the hay we need because our pastures do not produce enough good quality hay to satisfy the nutritional needs of our animals, especially during the dry season. This is a major cost for the Farm. We understand that when well fed and taken care of, our rescued animals will live for 10-20 years.

Freedom from discomfort

All animals are provided with adequate, clean and dry resting space as well as shade and cover from sun and rain.

Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  • All our animals are regularly dewormed and vaccinated against the relevant diseases (rabies and six-in-one for dogs, tetanus for horses). Dogs are also given a de-ticking spot-on once in every 2-3 months.
  • All horses, ponies and donkeys are regularly attended by a skilled farrier for hoof trimming and early detection of any hoof-related problems.
  • All horses and ponies have their teeth checked regularly and rasped as needed by a veterinarian.
  • All dogs have been sterilised and all male horses/ponies/donkeys/goats/cattle have been castrated.
  • Pain medication and general first aid is always available at the farm for any injured animals and injured animals can be separated from the others while being treated and recovering from the injury.
  • No animal is kept suffering from serious, incurable and painful conditions when their quality of life can not be improved anymore.

Freedom from fear and distress

All our animals have direct access to human contact all the time to reduce stress when they are needed to be handled for some medical procedures.

Our animals are kept in group sizes that are natural for the species so that stress and disease transmission caused by being over-crowded is avoided.

Our animals are fed individually in such a way that fighting and stress during feeding time is avoided.

Freedom to express natural behaviour

Our grazing animals are given the freedom to graze and move around over many acres of grazing land in herds that are of size that is natural for the animals. They are able to see and touch and smell other horses/ponies and establish their own hierarchy.

Our dogs play together freely around the 3 + 10 acres of farm property and get cuddles from any staff member or visitors.

No animal is permanently locked or tied up.