We produce vermicompost for organic soil improvement for agricultural fields and home gardens and to raise funds for the care and maintenance of the rescued animals at the Hill View Farm. It is available as per request for the price Rs. 10/kg. Please contact Nigel if you are interested to buy some.

Composting all organic waste that we produce at home is also our way to reduce the amount of waste that we need to send to landfill. Especially when combined with a life-style committed to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging waste by doing most of our home grocery shopping from the municipality market, using our own cloth bags for all basic pantry supplies - such as flour, sugar, beans, lentils, pasta, seeds and nuts. You can read more about the zero-waste -shopping opportunities from Ilona's blog here.

Our own vegetable garden and our interest in growing our own food has also expanded along with the availability of this vermicompost and we are thrilled by the satisfaction that comes with growing yourself even small amount of your vegetable needs.