Veterinary care at the Hill View Farm

The veterinary clinic

There is a small clinic at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge that serves the medical needs of the resident animals as well as patients brought in from the near-by villages.  Whenever we don’t have a vet on site, we refer all cases that require veterinary attention to the WVS India ITC clinic in Ooty or a vet from the WVS ITC team comes to the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge to attend to any emergency cases of the resident animals. 

WVS India outreach

WVS arranges outreach veterinary clinics couple of times a year at the Hill View Farm. Common cases are traumatic injuries because of dog or panther bites, car accidents, skin diseases and gastric problems.

WVS India ITC team is the leading veterinary team in the Nilgiris district for humane dog population management (Animal Birth Control / ABC –program) and rabies control.

Feedback from visiting vets

Pauliina Meri volunteered at the Hill View Farm clinic in February 2019. "I had such an energisizing and wonderful time visiting  the Hill View Farm clinic. Its hard to figure out a nicer ambience to work with  - those fabulous, peaceful sceneries next to the mountains and having all those lovely farm creatures just around you. And not to mention the most helpful staff and hospitable crew. Thank you Ilona and Nigel for this unforgettable experience "